Exciting times

One of the joys of my job is meeting the people and seeing the sights of so many new places. It’s one of the reasons I love commissions, as I get to explore parts of the UK that I may never have seen before.

In addition to commissioned work, I’m putting together a collection of work for an exhibition at Artifex in March next year, and I’m also off to London this week to attend the Sky Landscape Artist of the Year exhibition at the Mayfair Gallery of Clarendon Fine Art on 6th December. I’m looking forward to meeting the other semi-finalists there, and being able to congratulate again the finalists Jen, Allan and Greg.

For someone who loves a street scene a visit to London is a great opportunity to observe street-life.

Two new works arrived with Artifex, a few days ago. The first titled ‘Al fresco’ is off to its new home. The second ‘Daybreak rain’ is still available as a write this.

Finally, I’ve been contacted by an international art magazine who’d like to feature me in an issue next year. They want a full page portrait shot of me so I may have to get Joss to give me a prune as I have more beard than face at the moment! It’s cold and a beard keeps your chin warm when painting in the great outdoors (that’s my excuse anyway).

Have a great week all.



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