About Carl

Carl Knibb ARBSA lives and works in the beautiful city of Lichfield, Staffordshire. His work is exhibited through galleries across the region, and he works on commissions from his studio in a stunning 16th century building in the historic heart of the city, just a stone’s throw from the medieval cathedral. The studio is open to the public and he also teaches from this idyllic spot.

In 2018 Carl appeared at a heat winner and semi finalist in Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year.

In 2017 Carl won the ‘Capture the Cathedral’ competition led by Lichfield Cathedral with his work entitled pilgrims. As part of the award’s prize, his work was hung alongside works by J M W Turner.

His work has appeared on magazine covers (most recently,  South African Artist Magazine where he appeared as their International Artist) and he has developed a group of dedicated collectors of his pieces.

“Through my work I want to explore the interplay of light and shadow – the movement of life through spaces, both physical and ephemeral. When you truly observe the world around you it becomes much more than just the tangible, the ‘real’. It informs the unconscious mind, and the unconscious mind informs it. What do we really see when we move through life’s everyday moments? I try to walk this line of balance between representation and abstraction.  To present the feel of an object or place, not just the look of it.” Carl Knibb.
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