Autumn Light

It’s lashing down today, and I must admit I do like to paint stormy weather. I don’t know if Staffordshire catches a lot of weather but the sky here is never the same two days running. I really must get out of the studio and paint en plein air more, especially as we’re now getting that rich, copper autumn light coming through. Here’s something that’s not a new work, but illustrates that burnished almost metallic light that makes this time of year so great for a painter obsessed by the seasons.

Street Scenes

Lichfield is a bustling city. There’s always people out on the streets, shopping, meeting friends, generally going about their day. It’s an old city, with a medieval cathedral and lots of Georgian and earlier buildings lining the streets. This gives a lot of architectural interest and a definite character to every space – from wide marketplaces to tiny medieval alleyways. Capturing these details isn’t what I’m interested in, but it does mean that the backgrounds to these personal interactions are interesting. There’s light and reflection everywhere – and, once again, that’s what I’m trying to capture in this work in progress. Lives lived in a city that’s been here for over 1,000 years.

Work in progress…

I like painting street-scenes. The ordinary, everyday stuff of life that could be mundane, but often has so much beauty within it. There’s something about the play of light on plate glass windows, and the sheer undercurrent of ‘oddness’ that you find in so many of our city centres that makes me try again and again to capture it.

Even when we’re surrounded by others, we can still be alone in our own little bubble of reality.

This is a current work in progress. I’ll post the final piece for comparison.